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$ 1.478.000

(Price per person)

Includes: Therapy, water Cenote, relaxation Massage, deep, chocolate therapy, bubble Bath, dining Experience, Show Teppanyaki, Electroporation Facial, Capsule anti-aging

Duration: 7:00 hrs approx

The wonderful day Spa is a full experience that combines a variety of our services, and spa treatments in a comprehensive package. Designed to give you an experience of relaxation and total rejuvenation, this day spa will allow you to enjoy a life of approximately 7 hours of pure well-being. From therapeutic massages and facials to therapies of water, every moment of this experience is carefully designed to help you disconnect from the daily stress and revitalize your mind, body and spirit. Allow yourself this time to care for yourself and nurture yourself in a holistic way, while you immerse yourself in an oasis of tranquility and you surrender to the pleasures of the spa.

  • The option of disconnecting completely.
  • Increases your blood circulation.
  • Stimulation of the lymphatic system.
  • Exfoliation to the skin.
  • Pain relief.
  • Physical and mental relaxation.

Our full day spa has a duration of seven hours (7:00 pm). This experience of deep relaxation you'll be able to enjoy individual, couple or groups.

The full day spa includes:

– Therapy water Cenote

– Relaxation massage deep

– Chocolate therapy

– Bubble bath

– Dining experience, Show Teppanyaki

– Electroporation Facial

– Capsule anti-aging

Live the most complete experience of relaxation in your body, mind and spirit.